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Concierge medicine (also known as retainer medicine) is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. In exchange for the retainer, doctors provide enhanced care, including principally a commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient.

Features of  THE VIP Program

 -Same day or next day appointments with the  physician
 -Direct phone contact and emails with physician 24/7 
 -Little or no office waiting time
 -Fewer patients in the practice
 -Extra time with physician
- House calls if necessary
-Coordination of care with other specialities.
-Discounts for cash-only services. Program Members will be entitled to 20% discount for all cash-only services offered by the practice like Weight loss , IV vitamin therapy, Hormone therapy.Platelet Rich plasma , Facial Botox and Dermal fillers
-Management of medical issues by phone. As long as it is medically sound and appropriate, Dr OMAR will attempt to manage Program Member’s minor medical issues, such as cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, back pain,diarrhea, by telephone contact without requiring an office visit. Similarly, any follow-up care after an office visit (such as discussion of test results, follow-up testing, etc.) will be, if desired by a Program Member, provided via telephone or electronic communications. 
To sign up for the concierge service, Please Feel free to contact our office for more details

Concierge Family physician in St Augustine and Primary care
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